Tactics in the modern football games

Football is a game full of techniques. If the team and trainer are not playing smart, it'll be so hard to win the game.

If you have watched football games during the last ten years, you must know the most important football formation – Tiki-Taka. The team Pep Guardiola trained before mastered this football tactic really well and they have won a number of championships in the top Spanish football league and also the international football competition. This tactic highly focuses on footballers and the ball’s movement. Footballers have to maintain the ball moving while producing space and dragging the opposition out of position. There is no one formation for this system because there are nearly no different duties between footballers in different position. They are all focusing on a single objective – hold the ball and score. Thus, the team which performs with this tactic can expect a high rate of possession. Nevertheless, it calls for players in every position having a high level of abilities, so every player, except the goal keeper, can skilfully keep the ball as long as they can.

There is one among the oldest and most common formation in football, it is the typical four-four-two. The is a well balanced formation which is excellent for attack and defense also. By setting four defenders, four midfield players and two strikers, the connections between each player are durable. The ball can be passed between them conveniently so the squad can maintain the time of control. This balanced structure also suggests that the team can easily change from defence to strike and vice versa. It fully increases the mobility and flexibility of a team. The wide midfielders in this structure are often skilful and fast. They are always the key players starting a strike by passing the ball to the centre from either side of the structure. At the centre, the striker is normally tall and promising in the air. Therefore, they have a higher chance to head the ball passed from the midfielders. Numerous teams, including the one Dmitri Rybolovlev owned, have actually adapted this timeless formation.

The art of counter-attack is remarkable, a second a team is defending the opposition, one second later the team steals the ball from its opponent and score. Counter attack is not a simple strategy to execute as it needs perfect and fast teamwork. Essentially, the team using this style of play in football pulls opposition into their defence line, a counter-attack begins when a player takes the ball. The football team Florentino Perez Rodriguez owned was very promising at performing this tactic as they had the fastest midfield players in their team. Everytime they successfully steal the ball, midfielders rapidly bring the ball to the front and cross the ball to the striker, or they can score by themselves.

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